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Inventory Management

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Product Review Monitoring

Base Features

Each plan includes the following base features and one Amazon marketplace. Add more marketplaces for just $10 each.

Supported Marketplaces, .ca, .mx, .uk, .de, .fr, .it, and .es, .ca, and .mx

Marketplace Quick Toggle

Switch between your marketplaces with a click of a button

Manage billing from one location

Manage all billing information, for all tools and marketplaces, from one location

Customer Support

Call us or e-mail us. E-mail response time < 12hrs

Download Reports

Download any report to Excel

Change plans at any time

Change your plan as your business needs change.

Seller Feedback Monitoring

Coming Soon!

Dashboard Analytics

Centralized location for all of your tool analytics

Unlimited Users

Access from anywhere

Plan Features

If you use anyone of our tools, you get full access to all of it's features. Below is a detailed list of what comes with each tool. (Inventory Management, E-mail Connect, Product Review Monitoring, Seller Feedback Monitoring

Works with FBA

Send specialized messages for your FBA products

Advanced E-mail Builder

Build the perfect e-mail just the way you want it

Easy E-mail Builder

We've done the work for you, just pick from one of our templates - our templates are constantly being updated

Advanced E-mail Tags

Create tailored e-mails that match your product, customer and season

You choose when the e-mails go out

Pick when you want your e-mails to go out

Send 3 e-mails per order

Custom Campaigns

Create a campaign for every sale and season. Set dates for each campaign and we'll take care of the rest

Advanced Filters

Pick and choose which e-mails go out and to who

Documents and Images

Can be attached to any e-mail

Dynamic SKU-Specific Messages

Attach a special message along with an attachment for each product in your inventory

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Inventory Management

In Beta

Centralized Inventory Management System

Integrate your accounts with a number of online platforms. See a complete list of selling platforms

One Click Listings

List your products across multiple platforms at once

Multiple Syncs Per Day

Your inventory is synced multiple times throughout the day

Automatic Fulfillment

When your items sell on eBay, Seller's Suite can automatically have those items be fulfilled via FBA

Update Quantities

Inventory Limits

Create limit to prevent overselling

Update Pricing

Update pricing through all of your different platforms at once

Update Shipping Price

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Product Review Monitoring

Get Notified

Get Notifications whenever a positive, negative or neutral review has been left

Additional E-mail Filters

Prevent e-mails from sending out to users who have left positive, neutral or negative feedback

Find Themes In your Reviews

Get the most commonly used terms for your products

Pick Notification Type

Get notified via e-mail or SMS. This feature can also be disabled.

Review Reports

Export all of your product reviews to an excel file

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