Amazon Product Monitoring

Automate customer feedback, reviews research and analytics, and provide intelligent answers to the most important questions around product performance.

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Monitor the most important Amazon metrics to improve your bottom-line.


Defend against listing hijacks

We monitor your products and notify you, so you can move quickly to prevent a hijacker.


Product Tracker

Our Product Tracker helps you track daily sales, seasonal trends, inventory data, and revenue for any Amazon product over time.


Find market opportunities

Check a products listing, competition and volatility score so you can make informed decisions.


Remove negative reviews

Quick action is the best way to remove/change negative reviews. We'll notify you as soon as a negative review is left.

Product Health Monitoring Metrics

As an online seller, there are a lot more metrics to keep track of than a traditional retail shop. Seller's Suite helps you keep track of all of them and give you instant updates:


Hijack Alerts

It takes time to come up with a quality listing. Pictures alone are a significant investment for first time sellers. let Seller's Suite protect your product from any would-be hijackers.


Best Seller Badge Changes

The best seller badge is a badge of honor for Amazon sellers. Having one attached to your product means increased sales. We'll let you know when you achieve it and if you lose it.


Price Changes

We keep the history of a product's price changes and provide analyses of pricing trends throughout the year and seasons, allowing you to price your products more competitively.


Product Review Monitoring

Stay on top of product reviews by responding quickly with our instant alerts.

Core Features


Download Reviews

Have more than one Amazon Sales channel? No problem. Add as many as you want. Perfect solution for agencies.


Canned Responses

Save time by creating canned responses to positive and negative reviews.


Seller Feedback

We also keep track of your seller feedback and notify you whenever you receive a negative review, so you can respond to your buyer quickly.


Instant Notifications

Get notifications as soon as they come in and configure your preferences to only receive notifications that are useful to you.


Unlimited Marketplaces

Multiple Amazon marketplaces? No problem. Add as many as you want for no additional charge. Ideal for agencies.


Fanatical Support

Whether it be by phone, email, or chat support, we're there for you.


Fast and Scalable

Whether you have 1 or 10,000 products you want monitored. Seller's Suite can do it.


Constant Updates

We listen to to your feedback and respond by providing constant improvements to our application.


Amazon Marketplaces

Monitor products from any of these Amazon Marketplaces: .com, .br, .mx, .ca, .gb, .in, .fr, .es, .de

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