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Get More Product Reviews

Enhance customer experience with Seller's Suite automated e-mail campaigns that allows you to intelligently target customers who have a higher chance of leaving a positive review.

  • Create segmented campaigns to target key customer demographics by product
  • Attach documents, images or videos by campaigns or individual SKU
  • Schedule campaigns to go out when you want
  • Use our pre-designs templates or craft your own custom HTML templates
  • Click and Open rate tracking for every e-mail
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Increase Audience Reach, Increase Sales

Manage your inventory from one central location and sell more by taking advantage of Amazon's Multichannel fulfillment for all of your FBA products.

  • List all of your Amazon products on eBay with a click of a button.
  • Easily update/revise product pricing, quantity and listing descriptions.
  • Choose from a number of rules to raise/lower prices based on set triggers
  • Set triggers to disable/enable Multichannel fulfillment
  • Download sales reports for all of your live listings
  • Keep track of all of your changes with our Activity Tracker - learn what works
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